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  • Ukelele player, Polynesian Cultural Center

    Ukelele player, Polynesian Cultural Center

  • Ambassador Package Luau

    Ambassador Package Luau

  • Hawaiian Dancers

    Hawaiian Dancers

  • Polynesian Cultural Center

    Polynesian Cultural Center

  • Polynesian Cultural Center

    Polynesian Cultural Center

  • polynesian cultural centre

    polynesian cultural centre

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    Canoe Spectacle

  • Polynesian Cultural Center

    Polynesian Cultural Center



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Perfect introduction for first-time visitors
Ideal choice for families
Book your discount tickets to one of Oahu's top attractions, the Polynesian Cultural Center. Tickets to the Polynesian Cultural Center’s eight island villages give you the rare chance to participate in the daily adventures of Hawaiian and other South Pacific cultures. Add Hawaii's most authentic luau and amazing Polynesian show and you'll see why every trip to Hawaii should include a visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center!



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The eight villages showcase the indigenous Polynesian cultures of Hawaii, Samoa, the Marquesas, Fiji, New Zealand, Tonga and Tahiti. Real Polynesians share knowledge of their traditional customs, and you can either watch the demonstrations or jump in and participate! Take a canoe ride on the lagoon and cook a meal in the Samoan village. Kids will love getting temporary tattoos, spear throwing, ukulele lessons and fishing.

No evening at the Polynesian Cultural Center would be complete without experiencing "Ha: Breath of Life", an ancient, yet universal tale. Performers dressed in authentic attire share their traditions and culture, just as their ancestors once did. You will also witness the exciting fire walkers and fire-knife dancers.

Polynesian Cultural Center boasts an authentic cultural experience and offers a variety of dining and show packages, perfect for all tastes and budgets. See tour and pricing options below for full details.


The Polynesian Cultural Center

Open 12:00pm to 6:00pm (closed on Sundays). If option with transport has been selected, hotel pick up will be between 10:00am - 10:30am.


Some of the attractions at The Polynesian Cultural Center include:

Hawaii Village:

Five times each afternoon the Hawaiians present in-depth demonstrations on their ancient culture. Learn not only some basic hula, but also learn of the deeper commitment hula students make to their art, the intricacies of the motions, and the heritage of the hula implements and instruments. Gain insights into the ancient kapu or taboo system that meant men and women ate in separate houses. Learn how taro is harvested, cooked, and turned into the staple food, poi. Of course, you are also welcome to sample some. Observe how women craft leaves and flowers into beautiful Hawaiian lei and other useful items; and then try your hand at ulu maika - Hawaiian bowling, or konane - Hawaiian checkers.

Samoa Village:
Six times each afternoon the Samoans present one of the Center's most popular cultural demonstrations. Learn how to make fire by literally rubbing two sticks together, how to easily crack open a coconut, the difference between coconut juice and "milk," and how the men do all the major cooking. The young men will also show their strength and agility by climbing 40-foot coconut trees. The demonstrations take place on the malae or grassy area surrounded by outstanding examples of Samoan fale (houses), which are among the most unique in all of tropical Polynesia.

Aotearoa (New Zealand Village):
Five times each afternoon the Maori put on a demonstration that explains the symbolic significance of their beautiful meeting house, unique carvings, facial tattoos, the ancient origins and meanings of sticking out their tongues and twirling poi balls, and other aspects of one of Polynesia's most unusual group of people. You won't want to miss the stirring haka dance; kids will enjoy learning to play tititorea, a Maori stick game designed to develop hand-eye coordination, and kids of all ages seem to enjoy the ta moko area where they can get a temporary tattoo.

Fiji Village:
Five times each afternoon the Fijians present in-depth demonstrations on their ancient culture. Learn the significance of the lali or log drum, how important the coconut is in cooking, and other aspects of Polynesian island life. Review the wide array of historical weapons and implements involved in waging war upon neighboring islands and villages; that the cowry shells on the ridge mark a house as belonging to a chief, and that only the chief could enter that house through his door. Everyone will also enjoy making Fijian music with derua, a bamboo percussion instrument; or try a game of cibi (pronounced "thim-bee").

Tahiti Village:
Three times each afternoon the Tahitians present in-depth demonstrations on their ancient culture. Learn both the women's and men's movements in their exciting dances, or just try to stop your toes from tapping to the beat of the wooden to'ere drums. Learn why the Tahitians make both fragrant flower and beautiful shell lei, sample Tahitian coconut bread, tour the garden, even let your kids try some fishing, and more.

Tonga Village:
Five times each afternoon the Tongans present their very popular Tongan ta nafa or drumming presentation that actually starts by learning the simple yet graceful motions of a mauluulu sitting dance. For example, you'll learn the difference between clapping with a pasi or a fu sound. You can also try your hand at Tongan lafo, a type of shuffleboard game, or even your accuracy with tolo spear throwing.

Marquesas Village:
Five times each afternoon the Marquesan's present fascinating insights into their ancient culture. The Marquesas will enchant you with their ancient style of dancing: You can definitely see the sounds and motions of nature in their choreography, and you won't want to miss the pig hunt dance. Temporary tattoos are one of the most popular things to acquire there; and along with demonstrations of weaving and other crafts, the Marquesan's also share samples of breadfruit in season. Discover what it tastes like.

Ha: Breath of Life:
An ancient, yet universal tale about a boy born in a distant paradise. Enjoy the spectacle of over 100 performers, drums, dance, special effects, a fire spewing volcano and world renowned fire knife performance.

Rainbows of Paradise:
Rainbows of Paradise is performed daily from 2:30-3:00pm in two locations: the lagoon between the Islands of Samoa and the Hawaii Mission Settlement; and on the wide section of lagoon between the Islands of Fiji, Tahiti and Hawaii. (Because the two showings occur simultaneously, the order of appearance may be different than described). Rainbows starts with a young Polynesian woman in an outrigger canoe throwing flowers into the lagoon, a tradition reminiscent of days gone by when great steamships transported visitors to these magical islands. It was said in those days that each blossom became a memory of visits to Hawaii; and if the blossoms returned to shore, then so would the visitors.



1. 订购成功后,我们会通过E-Mail将[电子票(Voucher)]发送到您的邮箱,您也可以登录会员中心,在订单详情中查看[电子票(Voucher)]。
2. 请在旅行当日携带确认的[电子票(Voucher)]和有效身份证件到指定地点参加活动。
Confirmation will be received at time of booking



Hotel pickup and drop off (if option selected)

Admission Package:

All activities, no meal

Luau Package:

All activities, Fresh Flower Lei Greeting and Ali'i Luau Show/Buffet

Ambassador Package:

All activities, Buffet Dinner, Premium seating at "Ha" Show, Pineapple Delight Dessert, Souvenir Video and Program

Ambassador/Luau Package:

All activities, Luau Dinner, Premium seating at "Ha" Show, Pineapple Delight Dessert, Souvenir Video and Program

Super Ambassador Package:All activities, Private Dining, Premium seating at "Ha" Show, Pineapple Delight Dessert, Souvenir Video and Program


Hotel pickup and drop off (if option not selected)

Parking lot fee ($8.00)



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  • redhorse_692015-09-09


  • tigger61272015-09-08

    Very informative and refreshingly fun. Be sure to arrive at opening, way too much to do in one day.

  • Ayhan G2015-09-03

    best experience for hawaii all polynesian islands plus a show

  • Andrew R2015-08-27

    Cheesy. The islands were interesting, but not overly informative. Lots of jokes, dancing and singing, but found out very little about the history. Hula dancing and spear throwing only lasted about 5 minutes each.
    Luau was half decent.

  • Carl G. S2015-08-21

    Great but you really need all day and part of the night to see it all

  • Nicole B2015-08-14

    This was very cool. The demonstrations were excellent and the evening show was fantastic. The lua was the only part I struggled with. It was good, but you were so crowded in there. It would have been better if the tables were a little farther apart so you could get up and down more easily

  • Kristin S2015-08-09

    Too much like an island 'Disneyland' and once you got in, pressure to pay an additional 25 for a guide to take you through it so you are sure you see the performances at the right times.

  • dskidsandcats2015-07-21

    We had a great time here. So many things to do and see. We played games and watched the water parade,learned a lot and the food was delicious. All of the staff were very friendly and helpful

  • deanjake2015-06-29

    Great day but I didn't have time to see everything. Staff were very friendly and helpful.

  • Phillip N2015-06-25

    Very entertaining. Interesting that it is operated by students.

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